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snowing in the disaster areas. >> u.s. officials closely monitoring this crisis say focus is on reactors three and four, where spent fuel rods under great danger of releasing plumes of radioactivity. >> there is no end to the nuclear crisis at the fukishima plant. the focus is reactors three and four, where old, spent fuel rods are releasing plumes of radioactivity. >> hollywood likes to focus on the melt down, melted core, exposed uranium. old fuel is more dangerous because there is more radiation in unguarded pond. >> the mission to cool reactors with helicopters dumping buckets of water failed. the japanese plan is to restart with a new power line, officials fear those may not work if energy is restored which is why the u.s. is sending a high pressure pump. >> all u.s. citizens in japan should continue to monitor situations and follow guidance of the u.s. and japanese governments. >> inside of the plant 180 workers at great right after this tok their lives are being reroe tated in and out of the danger zone. outside thousands are being evacuated. >> the government told us we're safe,
, raising fears of a massive melt down. >> at this moment it's important that all of us join together providing help that we can in days and months still to come. >> japan has now asked for that help, and insisting they're handling it. >> this is under control. but we have to watch out. >> two reactors had partial melt downs. the hot nuclear core said to be intact. but with no electricity, japanese are pumping in sea water, flooding containment housing. >> i think the -- the reactors have been shut down automatically. they've been shut down so.... there is no longer chain reaction of nuclear materials. >> the move will destroy reactors but if it shuts down, that could avert a melt down. now fuel rods were exposed, raising fears of yet another melt down. >> i'm concerned. i'm very concerned. >> 40 years ago ron helped develop control panels and nuclear sensors inside of the plant. >> they can't see inside there. it's radio active. >> without power he says the panels don't work. the affects are global. germany putting off plans to extend the life of its nuclear plants. switzerland holdi
they call anchor outs, boats anchored in the bay in the tied to docks. the harbor master tells us there are about half a dozen boats still stranded on the rocks. we've seen divers here examining damages on the boats and they tell us that most of the boats suffered heavy damage, so much so, they will probably have to be scrapped. quick lee abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. a portion of the jant cruz small craft harbor is back open for the first time since the march 11th tsunami. coast guard says it's safe for smaller vessels to move through the harbor. but the area beyond that bridge is still closed. the surge damage nearly 100 vessels causing estimated $26 million in damage to the ports infrastructure. >> this weekend storm brought a lot of rain and some ferocious winds. there is a closer look at the storm. >> there was low pressure that was very deep, and it came ashore near point arena. and when it did, created some very strong bursts of win. and we had 16 -- -60-70 miles per hour winds, you can see sfo and very gusty winds, we did have heavy rains as well. and taking a look n
. wayne freedman is live for us. >> despite clear skies there is an uncertain future. the reason is that hillside. that is only superficial damage. there are four red-tagged homes, another receive aid yellow tag today. all from a massive mudslide last week. this seemed innocent but if you study geology, you know what water can do long term. it creates mudslides and this one is ruining greens. >> this is last minute unexpected. >> this is a house i was planning to live in for my life. >> now, they cannot be sure. the yellow tag appeared yesterday and not since the hillside in the backyard began bubbling closer to their house. >> for the neighborhood, it's safe. and i think they're in jeopardy. >> that is the assessment in describing a rotating slide 150 feet deep, 300 feet across. in other words a monster in the mountain. >> is there an emergency measure the city can take? >> it now appears homes are serving as retaining walls. >> the city says homes need to come out. and crews installed protective barriers in the streets to keep the homes back. but that is all it can do. the home
irritation of airways. another factor may be use of a vaccine preventing against a vaccine that can sometimes cause infections and others think breast fed children are benefit rg from rich antibodies in the milk. >> parents and children say the problem is a dangerous crosswalk where a man was killed and a child injured two years ago. now, what parents are doing to make that safer. >> parents want to raise wareness and they're going to have a rally on wednesday near the school. now this crosswalk is located between the school and a senior citizen center and and they're wondering why its taken so throng respond f you stand on the corner here, you can understand why neighbors are scared of the intersection. this car doesn't wait for pedestrians and listen to what this man says to the camera. >> this is what you see all the time. >> in 2003 a man was kill td twil while crossing and a five-year-old was injured. >> this gets scary out here. the traffic is going from hills down to the freeway. and they're not local people. they have a desire to get from here to there. they go. >> this parent pointed
is what the winsor unified school district is telling us, parents were notified about this incident and number two, counselors are at hand to assist the students. i can't imagine witnessing something like this, being 17 years old. abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. and on to other news of the day. one of the most-controversial congressional hearings of the year opened today asking for the muslim americans are doing enough to fight terrorism. and the testimony put a bay area-based group on the defensive. the council on american islamic relations. and the house homeland security committee says the groups are not doing enough to prevent terrorism and muslim american it a witch hunt. and peter is unapologetic. >> i'm more convinced it's appropriate hearing to hold fchl we broke down a wall of political correctness. >> that was king after sharing a house hearing on radical saigs in the american muslim community. there were accusations many refused to cooperate with law enforcement and melvin bledsoe. his son is charged with killing an army private in little rock he was captured by best
they've upped the number of homes behind us now to 33. homes behind the mudslide behind me here, we don't know yet, nor does the county, when work will begin to get rid of the slide. they've suggested, the county that some may want to move away for a while. in this rough country they site seclusion as a benefit. >> i can listen to birds sing. >> now, they can listen to this. >> rumble for a minute and a half. >> pretty scary. >> this is how one resident used a mobile phone to take video of it coming down. the county public works department looks at this analytically. >> it's sat rated and almost the way it came down was like an avalanche. >> it's caused a blockage of nelson road, cutting off residents of some 30 homes from easy access to the rest of the world. >> this is amazing. one day everything is fine. next day, have you to try to figure out how to get basic essential autos this has become the only way to bring people, or supplies in. a soggy trail around the creek and into a neighborhood unofficially called eclectia. home for others. >> no houses were destroyed. and no people
flood stage by noon friday. take a look at the pictures sent to us by you reports that already shows water splashing out of the lake. lake county sheriff warns mud and rock slides are likely as the next storm comes through. they're asking people to avoid unnecessary travel over the next few days. >> and with the ground close to saturation there is growing concern about landslides. laura anthony is live where it's starting to show, laura? >> that is right. actually as of this morning, after heavy rainfall, the usgs says levels here in the hills throughout the bay area was actually had reached 95%, just over 90% as we speak this, is a typical sight up here. and area that has slid from plastic on top of it. the usgs says this happens gradually, over time. what they're worried about with these heavy rains is the kind of slide that happens suddenly without warning. the signs are easy to see in the hills. in many locations, the ground has clearly had just about enough of the rain oo. it would be safe to say that we're at the point now our instruments indicate the soil is close to saturatio
and preferred not to talk to us today z firefighters tell me that her husband is in hung gary, he was called and there is family in this area notified about the situation. >> thank you. in oakland chp says weather caused two cars to crash on web 580. clogged drains and coolidge avenue caused two and a half feet of standing water on the freeway. that forced chp to shut down two lanes. in mafrt martinez the tree uprooted two trees. >> it's ugly out there but when is weather going to clear snup. >> sandhya patel is here with the latest. >> not until next week at the soonest. there is live doppler 7. san lower yenzo river is under a flash flood warning extended until 6:00 p.m. now in santa cruz county nearing flood stages. you can see the rain pushed out of there. there is some light rainfall. towards woodside there is a line of rain moving in. in the east bay just steady rainfall, you can see here with getting you down to street level. there is some moderate pockets around coming sky around around alhambra valley road. so it's still some wet weather out there. and there is is a wind advisory. s
the trials within a year of taking office. he wanted suspects tried in federal court inside of the us you but the plan met tough resistance on capitol hill. >>> president obama is warning muammar gaddafi that the us us and nato are considering an antirebel response in libya. saying violence is unacceptable. today nato boosted surveillance flights. britain and france have begun drafting united nations resolutions for a no flying zone over libya. >> i want to send a clear message to those around general gaddafi. it's their choice to make how they operate moving forward and they will be held accountable for whatever violence continues to take place there. >> pro democracy rebels claim they're holding a royal port. rebels claim they're preparing for an assault on tripoli. pressure appears to be intensifying because gaddafi's regime continues to unleash it's power on forces. >> the gas is climbing to $3.61 nationwide, highest ever posted in march. it's higher here in california. and a survey shows prices have gone up 33 cents per gallon. and gas is going at $105 a barrel. >> a local hospital u
. >> woke up to someone banging on the wall. the guys next door trying to wake us up she says she and her boyfriend ronal hills and a two and a half year old were in the front of the apartment. her older daughter in the kitchen. >> my daughter was up, trying to bake something. i didn't know there was a fire. >> she opened the door and black smoke billowed into the bedroom. >> i started screaming for my daughter. >> and all four got to the roof and firefighters from engine 17 were able to bring them down. shaken, otherwise, uninjured. >> and they got my babies and we're fine and okay. but now our house is-gone. where are we going to live now? whole house is burnt. >> and the red cross is hoping the family and neighbors tonight with a place to stay and with food. firefighters say they were able to get here quickly and a very quick response and a life saving one n the bay view abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. and police shot and wounded a suspect officers say fired at them first on oak street about 11:00 this morning. officer were not injured. it was just a block from a middle school and
's the same solution used by the chernyobl disaster in the former soviet union. >> there is a team of 180 workers return together power plant trying to prevent a full-scale nuclear melt down. another race against time to complete a new power line, enabling a steady water supply to keep reactors cool. >> we believe that secondary containment has been destroyed. there is no water and we believe radiation levels are extremely high. >> japanese officials deny water is gone from the pool is insist the reactor is stable. as the nuclear crisis plays out, the search continues along coastal japan for survivors of the 9.0 quake and monster tsunami. volunteer fire fighter has been working day and night. he returned home for the first time since the disaster. >> my wife, my son's family and my grandchildren. i lost them all. >> there may be damage to all three vessels at the plant. and the uranium may be melting down. u.s. orders all americans living within 50 miles to evacuate. four times larger than the area officials deemed safe. >> it's not about the quality of information but standards set by th
don't necessarily see it that way. >> this has nothing to do with act of god the creek rising and us getting too much rain. this had to do because pipes were broken. and the culvert washed out. >>> a wall of water rushed into homes and businesses twice. the first hit thursday night and a second, saturday morning. peggy blames the city and points to an old 60 inch steel drainage pipe at pat civic cove mobile home park, which the city owns. >> the city knew this problem was there. they didn't take care of it before. so... yae. doi blame the city. >> the mobile homeowner directly over the pipe has filed a six-figure claim with capitola. this is david's home on friday. and it has been demolished and hauled away. the city has cruise working to replace pipes but not ready to accept the blame. the county has this side of the road. >> and there is about 100 foot wide water had developed in the county facility. and there was reports of a loud bang that happened. and that that pool of water drained in about two minute autos the debate over who is at fault comes as city leaders predict a clean
us show you what it looked like at one gas station at about 4:00 in the morning. people lined up to get gas in case they had to travel far. highway 92 over the hill was closed because cars started to park on the side of the road. >> we're just taking our important things and heading over the hill just in case, given we're close to the ocean. >> our photographer got here at 8:00 in the morning this was the scene on highway 1. dozens of people trying to catch a glimpse of the sea. and this is nothing like what we've seen, but there is a number of surges, take a look at this time lapse video. you can speed it up and it's like high and low tide in 20 minutes, when it usually takes six to eight hours. and there is some fishermen went out. others decided not to. >> you get a rush of water through there. you're not going to be able to control it. get thrown into rocks. >> what did it feel like? >> there is no dichb than a normal day. there is a big feed of the day, and some wind. >> now, this woman you saw leaving said she didn't want to be on the news saying she wasn't prepared, and sh
an opening and using a rope ladder to climb down. alvarez was devastated to hear two more boys died. >> i cried. >> and medikin hopes what the county does helps to prevent another traj die hopefully i won't be out here again. >> state attorney general camela harris asked a court of appeals to allow gay marriages to resume in california. a court considers a prop 8 case and whether the ban on same-sex unions is constitutional. a trial judge struck down the ban last year but appeals court imposed a stay on that ruling during appeals process. >> former giants slugger barry bonds pleaded not guilty for the fourth time today to charges he lied about using steroids. bonds faces four charges of perjury and had to enter new pleas because prosecutors amendmented their indictment again. those charges stem from bonds testimony looking into steroid use in sports, back in 2003. bonds friend and former trainer, greg anderson told a judge he'll refuse to testify when the trial starts this month.. >> prosecution is the people who have broken promises to him, lied to him so that is the reason for his stanc
units at the timberleaf apartments. the chemicals often used to make methamphetamine. the bomb squad responded to remove the device. deputies never did locate tenants. >> and today marks the six-month anniversary of the san bruno pipeline explosion. neighbors will be gathering this evening to mark the moment it happened. 6:11 p.m. eight people killed and 38 homes destroyed. some victims were still in the hospital. the district attorney has an ongoing review of possible criminal or civil violations. >> what we have thing that's have caught our eye. but... again, ntsb and scientists, we need them. i can't tell you about maximum pressures and lines and 1955 lines and 2008 reports. that comes from the experts. >> the national transportation safety board is expected to release final reports on the probable cause before the one-year anniversary this september. >> and alameda police recuffed a -- recover aid box of ashes in a backpack stake taiken from a church before a memorial service saturday. police found the box on 29th avenue near the 880 ramp believing waits thrown out of a vehicle.
the japan quake, ten state lawmakers sent a letter to the u.s. department of energy detailing their concerns. governor brown said today the government needs to take a bigger role regulating the state's nuclear activity. >> where is the best place to site a nuclear power reactor? and that means a government decides and people will say, gee, that costs money. but it also will cost us lives if we do it wrong. >> now, both pg&e and southern california edison insist their nuclear power plants about are built to withstand earthquakes far greater than the nearby faults are capable of producing. >>> another fear is whether or not the nuclear radiation that's leaking in japan will reach the united states. today on the 7 live, we talked with an assistant professor at u c berkeley. he said people should not be concerned. >> i wouldn't be very concerned. it would be very far away. i'm confident we can measure it when it comes here. >> he also cautioned people against taking iodine pills and said the owe tension of being allergic to them would be more dangerous. >> here in the bay area, a new hospital wi
expert ron wilson tells us the cost of jet fuel hit 3.05 a gallon, that is 50% higher an year ago. the cost to fill a jetliner is about $183,000, a year ago it was half of that. >> president obama delivered a strongest statement on libya, insisting that muammar khadafy needs to step down and leave the country. he says the u.s. is considering a full range of options to deal with the crisis there. he would not rule out establishing a no-fly zone in libya in order to protect libyan civilians. >> the violence must stop. muammar khadafy has lot legitimacy to lead and he must leave. those that have violence against the libyan people will be held accountable. >> the president also announced that u.s. military aircraft would play a humanitarian role by helping egyptians that fled the chaos. >> another work are has been attacked by a patient at napa state hospital. he one has been arrested with sexual battery and attempted rape. an attack on a female teg anything. he is being held on $250,000 bail. workers told "abc 7 news" the assault happened during the night shift in the part of the hos
resident out in handcuffs. and police entered 18 minutes after officers gained enry using a master key. and public defenders say that too, is a lie made by the officer under oath. and prosecutors say charges will be this week once video has emerged. >> as public degrernds there are cases in which we question in which police officers gain entrance into homes and apartments. here we have proof. >> the police have burst into a home. and it appears are routinely bursting into homes without warrants then lying after the fact to protect the fruits of their misconduct. >> i can say most police officers in san francisco do a professional job all the time. we're going to take a look into this case. >> now all of this happened when now-district attorney george gascone was then head of the police department. the public defender is asking an investigator to take a look saying not only can this impact cases these six have been involved in but all offices at henry hotel known as a hot spot for drug activity. and george gascone just wrapped up a press conference and we'll have more on what he's got t
burglars decided to run from police, using homes to hide n police set up a primt ter. and we are live with the story. >> there are many residents getting home from work in a short time from now to find out what has been going on all day long, this is where it started with this stolen car, police say the burglars left behind when they took off to hide inside of peoples' homes. three suspects were believed to be holdup inside someone's house in this usually quiet neighborhood. police in s.w.a.t. gear with guns drawn went door to door looking for them. snipers climbed on roof tops and officers covered every inch of the neighborhood from backyards to front porches. dogs hunted for the scent. >> there is a risk that there are suspects that fled into a house that is occupied. which is why it's important to us to make sure that that is not the case. >> this started at 9:30 in the morning. a woman called police and hid in the bedroom when she heard burglars inside of the home. officers arrived the suspect drove off, ramming into a police cruiser. and three hours later a police dog found this
be measured by tools at use the clean up of kmola is enormous undertaking. >> we worked three hours and still have more work to go. >> just 24 hours ago, capitola avenue held a river of water, look and you'll see stunned shop owner scott stein standing in front of a business. >> from wet sidewalk no, water to this point here. and this is about. >> there was a drainage pipe that collapsed, david's home is considered ground zero. >> i hit a 500 square foot redwood deck. so... you know it's sad. >> david is not the only one feeling a loss. the water flooded two dozen homes and businesses in lower capitola. this is a pile of wet carpet. >> i can salage most of it oo. this city owns the park where the pipe failed and says the intense storms overwemed the system. >> there have been record rains here, about six inches of rain in 10 hours with three inches over about three hours. >> the end result is that one huge hole here may translate no a void downtown. scott stein doesn't know if his specialty soap store can survive the flood. >> there is moving everything out today. we're going to assess damage
or storm pictures with our viewers, you can up load them or e mail to us. >> and there is week passed since that massive quake hit follow bid a deadly tsunami. millions paused for a moment of silence reflecting on the tragedy, exceeding the death toll of the earthquake in kobe. and officials say the disaster now reached a same threat level as three-mile island. military fire trucks sprayed the reactor units for a second day. the utility running the plant continues to work on a new power line in an effort to restore the cooling system. >> uc berkeley engineering department continues to collect air samples for any sign of radiation. today they collected rain to see if anything radio active part cells fell from the sky. and we have the story. air samples failed to show levels of radioactivity, then, came the rain. >> rain is efficient way to wash out activity in the atmosphere and get activities down. this is an efficient way for sampling. >> levels may be slightly higher. he seize nothing to worry about. and nuclear engineers showed why it's impossible for fuel rods in japan to catch on fire.
academy today. biggest names in silicon valley have all helped this school use technology to teach students. president obama believes giving more money and greater flexibility will help american students compete with their counter parts around the globe. >> we need to recognize there is a true path to reform has to involve partnerships between communities. and we'll need a national education policy to try to figure out how to replicate stories like boston across the country? >> the bill and linda gates foundation helped fund tech boston nearly a decade ago. it has a higher graduation rate. >> there is breaking news. rescue teams trying to reach a person appearing to have fallen off a cliff near fort mason. and there you can see firefighters repelling down to the victim. who is apparently on the rocks near aquatic park. we're going to follow this story for you on abc 7 >> today marks 100th anniversary of international womens day with events here and all over the world. >> and there is hundreds of women joining google employees in a walk across the golden gate bridge. oakla
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